Add Some Life to a Small Space

Decorators encourage people to add some life to their spaces with colorful plants or fish tanks. This can prove challenging when you’re working with a desk or other tight space. While you may love the idea of watching a fish to decompress or bringing in a nice plant, you may not want to give up much of your office area. However, there are a few ways you can add interest to your office or small apartment without surrendering too much space.

Hang the Plants
If you really want a nice plant but don’t have the space for one on your desk, then shift gears and go with a little hanging planter. Set near a window for indirect light, this can be the perfect home for a philodendron that will trail down to add some color and texture to your area. However, you won’t have to surrender any of your personal space.

Natural Materials
You can bring a little life into a space by going with natural materials. Rather than plastic sheet shelves for sorting things, see if wicker baskets with linen liners will suit your needs. You’ll warm up the area and create a more functional space at the same time.

Movement and Water
A little desktop fountain can be a great choice for your desk or workstation. They take up very little space, and you just need a nearby outlet to power the system. You may enjoy the sound of falling water, and it can give you a quick and easy way to relax throughout the day.

Life and Color
It’s very soothing to watch fish swim to and fro, but most desks don’t have the space for a full aquarium. If you really only have room for a small fish bowl, then you’ll love the Biorb Life Aquarium. These clever systems give you the filtration power of a traditional aquarium with the small design of a simple bowl. They’re perfect for a range of small fish, and you can watch the fish occasionally throughout the day to prevent eye strain from using the computer.

While you may have a tight work area, you don’t have to forego the decorative accents. You’ll enjoy the space more when you add some life and interest to it, and you just may be more productive as a result. With these clever solutions, you can add some life and style to the smallest spaces.