5 Kinds Of Personal Injury Cases You Can Claim Compensation For

According to a report published by the Administrative Office of the US Supreme Court, there were 81,530 Personal Injury Cases filed in America in 2019. Over the past couple of years, this figure has been steadily climbing.

The year 2019 had more than 18000 personal injury cases being filed than in 2018. 2017 saw just a little over 36000 cases. This means that victims are now more aware of their rights than ever before. It also means that they are now fighting legal suits with the help of lawyers to claim fair compensation and remedy their situation from personal injury.

In this article, we are going to look at the different types of personal injury cases you can file in a court of law. However, before we proceed to the different types, let us first look at what does a Personal Injury Lawsuit really means.

Personal Injury Case: Meaning and Definition

According to the US Supreme Court, a personal injury case arises when an individual suffers some form of physical or mental injury on his own body. This injury is often the result of someone’s carelessness and negligence.

One important thing to note is that personal injury suits do not take into account real estate. In a personal injury lawsuit, the victim has to establish both liabilities as well as prove damages. A personal injury lawsuit seeks to claim compensation and fair punishment against the negligible action of the perpetrator.

An individual can represent himself or herself in a personal injury lawsuit. However, the same is not recommended by experts. People should hire experienced legal attorneys. For example, an expert personal injury attorney practice areas include the different types of cases we are going to list in the following section.

List of 5 Major Types of Personal Injury Cases you can claim compensation for

1.Medical Negligence-

Even though hospitals and doctors are supposed to help us with our lives, sometimes their negligence can result in serious injuries as well as death. This is why medical malpractice and negligence cases are one of the top personal injury lawsuits, which are filed in the United States. You should look to hire a legal attorney who is an expert in the field of medical issues.

2.Car Accidents-

Automobile accidents are also one area where you can claim compensation arising out of personal injury. In these kinds of accidents, a personal injury attorney coordinates with insurance companies, the police and also helps in evidence gathering. Car accident lawsuits can be long drawn and individuals should be prepared for spending a lot of case time.

3.Workplace Accidents-

Another common personal injury lawsuit claims can be around accidents arising out of negligence at the workplace. This can include accidents because of faulty machinery, hazardous workspaces and other events injurious to the health and safety of the workers. Workplace accidents are of a serious nature, especially in the heavy manufacturing industries.

4.Premises Accidents-

Many people might be victims of accidents because a particular location did not follow all the legal stipulations. For example, a hotel, which compromised on following the fire guidelines, or a car showroom, which did not have a ramp for people and did not state the same in the public domain. It can also be a grocery store, or a government office or building.

5.Faulty Products and Services-

On a number of occasions, a product would be badly made resulting in some kind of personal injury for the person consuming it. This can be regarding an ingredient in the product, which is harmful for human use. Very recently, Johnson and Johnson had to pay a lot of compensation as its talcum powder was tested and asbestos was found in the same.

The Final Word

Personal injury lawsuits can be diverse and varied. Experienced personal injury lawyers might be adept at handling one or more of the above types of cases. However, it is always a good idea to involve the services of someone who has previously dealt with a specific type of case.