4 Ways To Add Usable House Space

There are many reasons why someone would seek to add more usable space to their property. A growing family, a desire to entertain large groups or people or the addition of a home office are all good reasons to figure out how to get more out of a current dwelling.

1. Rooftop Deck

Anyone with a flat roof has probably been up there a few times to make sure it is in good condition or just to admire the view. If the roof is easy to access or the renovations to make it easy to access are not a problem, then consider adding a rooftop deck systems to create a private outdoor space that can be used to sit and relax or entertain friends. Talk to an experienced contractor to ensure the roof can handle the extra weight and that all local codes are met.

2. Finish Basement

Unfinished basements are normally not very appealing, as they tend to be somewhat cold and damp all year long. Check the basement for leaks and examine the foundation to spot any areas that could be future problems before beginning. Install insulation and reroute ducts as needed to provide heating and cooling to areas as needed. Once the basics have been completed and the room is guaranteed to be comfortable to stay in for long periods of time, be creative and add whatever rooms are needed. An additional kitchen, playroom, office or family room are all great options depending on the household’s needs.

3. Convert Garage

An attached garage has a lot of great potential when it comes to converting it to something else. As long as it is properly insulated, it can be just like any other room of the house when finished. A remodeled garage can serve as a laundry room, home office, craft room or bedroom.

4. Remodel Attic

Attics are often overlooked areas of a home that can offer up livable space. If there are stairs leading up to the attic, or the addition of stairs can be done without any issues, then an attic can be converted to a bedroom, master suite or mother-in-law apartment.

When it comes to figuring out how to get more space out of an existing home, there are many possibilities. Be creative and learn to look at an unused area critically to determine if it can become more useful. Then, be willing to put in a little work to get it right and enjoy the new and improved part of the home.