4 Tips for Lighting Your Home’s Exterior

Lighting can do a lot to give a certain impression of a room. It can make it feel cold and unfriendly or warm and welcoming. If you feel that the lighting in your home doesn’t give the right impression, here are some tips for changing it. 

1. Decide on the Impression You Want To Make

If you want your room to feel cozier, you should try Savoy House Lighting Tampa FL in a cluster. If you want to create the illusion of height, you should try long, low-hanging pendants, and if you want the room to feel more open, you should try uplighting. 

2. Think About Nighttime Safety

Sometimes people have to get up in the night to use the bathroom, and while it is not safe for them to stumble around in the dark, it is uncomfortable to turn on a light and be temporarily blinded by the sudden brightness. You can solve this problem by installing lighting at floor level on staircases and in hallways, as well as in the bathroom. Make it directional so that the light goes where it is most needed rather than in someone’s eyes. 

3. Use Light To Direct Attention

Do you have a piece of artwork or architectural feature that you would like to make the focal point of a particular room? You can use light to direct attention to it. Spotlights work this way in art galleries, and they can serve the same purpose in your home. 

4. Choose Bulbs Carefully

Light bulbs should be efficient in the interest of conserving natural resources. They need to match the wattage of the fixture in which they will be used. When choosing light bulbs, other considerations include the purpose of the light and the bulb’s color temperature, e.g., whether it is warm or cold. 

Lighting can be a powerful design element, but don’t forget that it also has to be functional.