3 Ways To Become a Better Swimmer

Swimming is a great form of exercise. It is a total body workout that is both cardiovascular and strength building. Most people learn to swim when they are children, and if they didn’t swim competitively, may not feel completely comfortable when embarking on an exercise routine that includes swimming If you want to be a better swimmer, think about adding the tools below to your routine.

1. Pool Accessories

Adding accessories to your pool to improve your swimming skills is an easy way to practice at home. Think about adding a start block platform to practice starts from the side of the pool like you would at a swim meet. Place it at the deep end to minimize injury. Diving boards are a good addition if you want to learn how to dive.

2. Build Strength

Using special accessories while you swim will help you gain strength and make you a more powerful swimmer when you remove the drag. The accessories you need to do strength building as you swim are pretty low tech, from attaching an exercise band to your ankles, putting on special socks that increase the drag as you swim through the water and attaching a tether to the wall so you swim in place.

3. Using a Snorkel To Focus on Strokes

When you are focused on breathing while you swim, you can sometimes lose focus when it comes to perfecting your strokes. Using a snorkel while you swim laps will help keep your breathing even and under control so you can relax and maintain a good stroke.

Deciding to improve your swimming skills is an excellent choice. Not only are you improving your health, but knowing how to swim is a basic life skill that you never know when you might need to use it. Be prepared by following these training suggestions.