Monthly Archives: August 2013

Buying What you Can Afford

I meet people from time to time who buy everything on credit. They got used to doing it so much that they think that this is the only way they can shop. Of course, those people are in debt and they spend the money they do not have. I would like to suggest another approach here. Before you buy anything, even if this is something that you want very much, ask yourself if you can really afford it. If you know that you cannot really afford it, do yourself a favor and do not buy that item. Not buying it can motivate you to try and save some money next month to be able to get that item.

The Best Business Idea

Do you know what the best business idea is? The best business idea is to start a business doing something that you like. Many people keep looking for the most profitable business niche, but the problem is that if they do not have an interest in something, then it is going to be difficult to be successful. It is important to be passionate about your business, and that is perhaps the most important thing. If a person is passionate about something, then he will be motivated to work for many, many hours. On the other hand, if a person has no interest in his line of work, then he is going to try to avoid working long hours.

Short Term Goals and Long Term Goals

If you are a blogger or a business owner, then in order for you to be successful you may need to formulate some short term and long term goals. It is important to aim for something, because otherwise you may stop being as competitive as you might be right now. Even a very successful website might start losing visiting if it will not do anything to acquire new visitors. You may want to define a short term goal as something you want to achieve within a year, while a long term goal as something you want to achieve within the next few years. Make sure you keep track of whether you are fulfilling your goals or not.

I am Going to Eat all the Forbidden Foods when I am No Longer Pregnant

With the big day just around the corner (my baby due day is very soon), I find it hard to think about anything else but my newborn and about how my labor is going to be. Is it normal? I believe so. Even when I lie at night before falling asleep, all I can think of is my new baby.

If you have been pregnant before, you probably know that there are some types of foods you are not supposed to eat while you are pregnant. For example, for the duration of my pregnancy, I have to steer clear of liver, which can be found in any pate I can find in my local supermarket.