Living in Malta

Today I am going to write a few words about a place that is very close to my heart and is very special to me. I am not sure how many of you actually have heard about the country called Malta before (a really tiny country in South Europe), but you have you know what a wonderful place it is.

I had the pleasure living there for a few years before coming back to my regular life about two years ago. The years I spent in Malta were some of the best years of my life and I have many fond memories from this particular chapter in my life. I would definitely go there back again if I had a chance.

For the first couple of years, I lived in Quawra on a quite street near Sunflower Hotel. For the last two years of our stay we moved to Bugibba. In my opinion, the area is one of the best areas in Malta, definitely my personal favourite, and it is no wonder that there are so many British expats living there. When I go on a Malta chat, I am going to talk about it to others and I am going to give them a few reasons Quawra and Bugibba are such nice places to live with everything they have to offer.

You probably have noticed by now that Malta is a holiday destination. If you cannot settle down there then at least you can visit the place once or twice per year. The weather is there always good and even during the months of November and December you will come across many people on the streets of Malta dressed in t-shirts. I once remember wearing a t-shirt and shorts on Christmas, I believe it was in 2008 or 2009, I don’t exactly remember right now.

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