Monthly Archives: November 2012

Expenses of a Blogger

I learned that as a blogger, I do not have that many expenses. Of course, there are still some things I might need to pay for such as electricity and other, similar expenses, but blogging is not such an expensive hobby. I need to have a computer in my home anyway. Since I can use it for a number of different hobbies, I can use it for blogging too. Only because I choose to blog does not have to mean that I am going to have some extra expenses related to it. Of course, if I choose to spend some money on advertising my blog, I am going to have some extra expenses, but I can still choose to blog for free and have fun as long as I choose to do so.

How to Start a Business on the Internet

Many people who today are successful online business owners had to start their internet career somehow. Believe it or not, most of them started by selling the products of other Internet users before they decided to spread their wings and create their own products to sell. Selling various products and getting a cut from it every time you sell something is a viable option for all beginners. The more experience you are going to have selling various products, the more you should start thinking about creating a product of your own and making a profit that way. While some people never stop selling the products of others, some realize that creating their own brand and identity is definitely the way to go.