Monthly Archives: September 2012

Is It Time for a Diet

There are days when I feel like eating, but there are also some days in my life when I feel like I could stick to a diet very easily. I guess when days like this happen, it is a good idea to take advantage of my mood and start being on a diet. I sometimes find dieting easy while it become more difficult to me at times. I discovered that when I plan my diet carefully, I am more likely to stick to it for longer. One thing I did in order to stick to my diet was to buy a kitchen scale. The scale helps me weight the majority of my food before each meals. I do not know for how long I am going to keep doing this, but for now I have a lot of fun weighting all the food I am about to eat.

Buggy Browsers

Firefox is regarded by many as the most efficient internet browser due to its list of features, speed and reliability. Some time ago when Firefox 3.0 has been announced and many internet users have been observing how the new browser version is going to perform. At the time of planned release, it seems that Mozilla has identified 10 high-priority bugs, out of which 3 are considered critical. While this might sound quite serious, Mozilla did correct the problems and in a timely manner and released a version which did not suffer from such problems. Besides the bugs, Firefox 3.0 looks like a very stable version of Firefox ever and the list of new features is quite long. This example just shows that even very good and popular Web browsers can still be buggy at some point of time.