Monthly Archives: August 2012

How Often Should I Clean My Home

I sometimes feel like I want to clean my home while sometimes I do not feel like doing it at all. One question I have been asking myself for a while is how often my home should be cleaned. Is once per week enough or should I aim higher? I find that cleaning my home is almost like a full-time job. The reason I think of it that way is that I like it clean everything perfectly. When I start a cleaning session, it usually takes me a few hours to finish it. The time passes by very fast while I clean. I sometimes even do not notice how fast the time passes by when I clean. For now, I am going to clean my home twice per week and see how this is going to work for me.

Productive Workers

I have been thinking recently about reasons employers might want to monitor everything their employees do while they are at work. Monitoring employees is one of the rights an employer has. After all, if you are a boss, you pay your employees for their job and for the time spent in your company. One of the reasons you might want to monitor everything they do is that the computers on which they work are either your property or they are the property of your company. It would be unwise to allow your employees to do everything they want while they are at work. You do not want your employees to cheat the time clock. Instead, you want them to be productive workers.