Follow Healthier Living – Quit Cigarettes & Take To Electronic Vaping

Quitting cigarettes is often the topper in the resolution list but few can turn it to reality. The white stick has been the cause of a good host of menacing issues often leading to fatal effects, courtesy its carcinogenic components- and sooner you quit it, the better. Electronic cigarettes have come up as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes and have met with tremendous success in several quarters. As per the experts, the vaping option is way healthier compared to smoking.

No carcinogenic component

Yes, the electronic cigs do contain the nicotine juice but it comes minus the cancer causing chemicals and tar present in usual cigarettes. You will still get the nicotine hit so that you don’t have to compromise on the desired relaxed feel usual with cigarettes- but this time it’s not going to take a huge toll on your health. In fact, with electronic cigarettes you can reduce the harmful effects of passive smoking as well.

No stains

Another benefit of electronic cigarettes is that it does not create the filthy yellow-brownish stains on fingers and teeth- that are common with usual cigarettes. It’s a more sophisticated option.

Available in various strengths

Then, the electronic cigarettes are available in a wide range of electronic strengths- ranging from 0 to 24 mg. This way, you can choose your e-cig option as per your preferred nicotine hit. Moreover, the availability of various strengths has made it easier for smokers to quit the habit more effectively. For example- if you are a regular smoker taking to electronic cigarettes, you can start on with 24mg or 18mg nicotine and then gradually go on lowering the strength bit by bit till you reach zero.

Various flavors

You will also find electronic cigarettes in a wide range of flavors, starting to menthol to chocolate to vanilla to the usual tobacco. This is another reason that encourages smokers to switch to the healthier vaping alternative.

Emergence of box vape mods

If you follow the latest trends in the electronic cigarette industry, the box modes seem to be latest craze among the electronic cigarette aficionados and that too for all the great reasons. To start with, the box modes are the most powerful of vaping devices in the contemporary market. The best ones of these in the market will enable you to go for replaceable batteries for more enduring battery life & performance. Today, you have these electronic cigarette box modes in different patterns and they also come in variety of power or voltage output options.


When it comes to the best ones in e-cig box mod today, the experts advise to shop rx200 online. The RX200 is the latest mode of the very popular Wisemec Reuleaux by Joyetech and cones with removable (3) 18650 batteries – with the added benefit of reverse polarity guard. Its super powerful chip assures an optimum output of around 200w & state of the art temperature control facilities including Nickel, Stainless steel & Titanium modes. It’s famous for an amazingly long-lasting battery life and superb vaping experience at affordable rates.


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