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Comparison of Shopping and Blogging

Shopping and blogging are two main activities in which people involve while spending their time online. Many people enjoy to shop and blog, so why not connect those two things together? I heard about a website where you are not only given a chance to compare thousands of product available online, but you also have an opportunity to blog about any product that you wish to blog about. Does this idea sound interesting and could websites like this become popular? It is difficult to say, but one disadvantage of this type of website is that people would need to do some work by writing a blog post instead of just relaxing by shopping.

What Makes a Blog Successful?

During all this time as a blogger, I discovered that there is one thing that makes a blogger successful. This thing is updating a blog with fresh content on a regular basis. Even though content is important, updating a blog regularly is even more important. How many times have I wanted to visit a blog only to discover that its owner stopped updating it. Even if he chooses to update it eventually, it might be already too late. I might never have a chance to visit this blog again. The blogger has already lost a chance and will probably never have it again. I will probably never visit his blog again if he already disappointed me a few times.


Blogging can be very rewarding if you blog about the things you love and that are interesting. When you set up a blog you decide on which topic you are going to write about to your readers. From my experience I can say that the more attractive the subject for you, the more likely you will want to write posts on your blog and the longer you will remain a blogger. However, blogging is not only about writing. It gives us opportunities to make new friends, participate in social events and maybe even make some money. There are various websites dedicated to bloggers that are doing a great job by giving us what is the best in the blogosphere. If you enjoy writing like I do and if writing gives you a lot of fun, then writing articles and sharing them with others will not be a problem for you and you will find pleasure in it. The world of the blogosphere has never been so vibrant and alive and it is thanks to various websites that connect bloggers. Almost everybody can become a blogger, so if you have something to write about and would like to get the word spread about it, then simply start your own blog. It is also good to have conversations with other bloggers, because what can be better than spreading the word through other bloggers and writers?

Traffic from Search Engines

If you are interested in obtaining traffic, then it might be possible to obtain a lot of traffic from some keywords. The most important part is choosing the best keywords for your site. That is not such an easy task, but it will be easier if you know exactly what you are doing. Many say that it might be better to try to acquire traffic from keywords that have limited competition. The key is to look for keywords that are quite popular, but without steep competition. If you want to check the competition for a particular keyword, then simply do a search in a major search engine. Make sure that there aren’t too many results, as many results mean that there is a steep competition.

Analyzing Results

Whatever I choose to do in my life, I like the idea of analyzing everything I do. It does not only apply to my business and blog, but also to my personal life. When I choose to do something that is important to me, I need to know whether I succeeded or not. How else am I going to know whether I was good at something or now?

When it comes to my blog, I like to keep track of how many people visit my website and how they learned about my blog. Fortunately for me, there are some great ways to measure my progress when it comes to blogging. This is probably why I like to blog so much. As long as I know how many visitors come to my website to read my posts, I am a happy camper.

Short Term Goals and Long Term Goals

If you are a blogger or a business owner, then in order for you to be successful you may need to formulate some short term and long term goals. It is important to aim for something, because otherwise you may stop being as competitive as you might be right now. Even a very successful website might start losing visiting if it will not do anything to acquire new visitors. You may want to define a short term goal as something you want to achieve within a year, while a long term goal as something you want to achieve within the next few years. Make sure you keep track of whether you are fulfilling your goals or not.

WordPress Updates

WordPress is all the time getting updated and that is what makes this blogging platform so great. I recently installed the WordPress platform for my new blog and just two days later a new version of WordPress was released. I am happy about it and I will definitely want to download this important update. Some versions of WordPress mainly feature bug-fix and security improvements. Here are some examples of changes that a WordPress update contained:

• Fixers concerning link importers.
• Faster taxonomy database queries, especially tag intersection queries.
• Fixes for a login bug that affected those with a Blog Address different than their WordPress address.

If you have already updated the blog to the newest version, then enjoy working with this safe platform. If you have not done it yet, I recommend that you do it as soon as possible unless you have not spotted any bugs that concern you in the previous version. Anyway, have fun with blogging.

The Difference between Inquire and Enquire

While surfing the Web yesterday, I stumbled upon a question asked by one curious person. The question was about the difference between two very similar words: inquire and enquire. The author of the question seemed to be very eager to learn the distinguishing characteristics of the two terms. It turns out, however, that the two words mean the exact same thing and can be used interchangeably. There are some things, however, one needs to bear in mind while using the words either in the written or the oral form.
First of all, inquire seems to be the more popular form of the word, so if you want to play it safe, you will stick with this version of the word.

Secondly, enquire seems to be more popular in the British English while inquire seems to be more common in the US. This fact didn’t prevent the editors of the Oxford English Dictionary from recognizing inquire as the more dominant form while deeming enquire at the same time.

The bottom line is the following: use inquire unless somebody specifically asks you to use the other version of the word. End of story.